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TowerFall Ascension is a Action Video Game

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension Game is an action-based indie video game created by Matt Thorson, players control up to four archer in a battle Royale. It was released in June 2013 as Ouya microconsole and later ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, OS X and Windows as TowerFall Ascension.TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension Game was Thorson’s first full commercial game. It was followed by a June 2012 game jam single-player prototype. Thorson tested the game on his indie developer colleagues, with whom he lived, and developed his capacity as a party game.

His mechanics were inspired by games by Thorsons youth, such as Bushido Blade and Goldeneye 007, and influenced by demo feedback at the Evolution Championship Series Fighting Tournament.

Know More About TowerFall: Ascension Game

The TowerFall Ascension Game was known as the preeminent title for the Ouya at the start of the console and sold well. When the Ouya exclusivity expired, Thorson signed another exclusive agreement for the PlayStation 4, where Ascension received an extended single player mode and new levels, weapons and gameplay variants.

A PlayStation Vita release followed in 2015 and an Xbox One version is under development. A standalone 8-player edition for Windows released in 2016.

Ascent rates were generally favorable. They recommended it as a party game favorably for Super Smash Bros. and praised his balance critics felt that his single-player mode was a low point, and lamented the lack of an online multiplayer mode.

TowerFall Ascension Gameplay

TowerFall Ascension is an archery-fighting arena game where players battle each other with arrows and head-pounding until only one player remains. In a multiplayer battle, up to four players battle in a battle Royale with a limited range of arrows. Players fill their darts supply from this shot across the arena.

The players can also catch the arrows of other players. “Treasure” power-ups give players shields, wings, and arrows with increased power. The gameplay can be customized and saved for future use. Kotakus Chris Person described the gameplay as “[Super] Smash Bros. bred with games like Spelunky or Nidhogg”.

There are four game modes. In the single player, the player must hit the targets in the arena before a timer expires. The developer compared this mode with “Break the Targets” in the Super Smash Bros. series.

The ascent adds a rebuilt version of the target levels as a trial mode, in which players must use power-ups to break all targets within seconds. The ascent also adds a quest mode where one or two players are trying to survive hostile waves with increasing difficulty. As a single player event, Quest acts as a score-attack mode.

The new Ascension improvements were also released for the Ouya version.The Ouya version supports the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers. The ascent uses the built-in loudspeaker of the DualShock 4 controller to play sound effects. The game has no online multiplayer.

Development of TowerFall Ascension

The game was developed and Programmed by Matt Thorson, who Also made Planet Punch and Browser games. TowerFall Ascension was his first full commercial game. The idea came from a visit with Alec Holowka as she worked at a game jam, the 48 hour June 2012 Vancouver Full Indie Game Jam.

The team iterated through a Legend of Zelda-inspired multiplayer mode, which became a one-player plat former flash game where the player was an “experienced archer from an ancient legend”. They wanted to add several weapons, but they wanted to keep their first – the bow and the arrow – because of their feeling.

The arrow is designed to shoot without charging and to play on targets to give the player “more scope”. Thorson also decided to limit the direction of the direction to the eight directions, instead of providing complex 360-degree Controls. TowerFall Ascension Game is a action video game played by people in all ove the world.

They also have levels, objects, a shop and a story based on an ascending tower. Along with progress, players would gain new items and skills. Thorson originally intended to send the game to Adult Swim for “easy money”, but changed his mind in developing a multiplayer version after the jam.

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