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Slitherio Game is an extraordinarily multiplayer browser game developed/Created by Steve Howse.

Players manage an avatar resembling a snake or worm, which consumes colorful pellets from other players, and ones that obviously spawn on the map in the game to grow up in size.


The purpose of the slitherio game is to grow the larger snake in the server. Slitherio is similar in idea to the popular 2015 web game and is suggestive of the classic arcade game Snake.

The slitherio game grew in reputation following its advertising among several prominent YouTube users such as PewDiePie, and outranks the App Store in a short period after its release.’s browser version was ranked by Alexa as one of the 1 thousand most visited sites by July 2016, while the iOS version ranked 1st in the most downloaded apps on the App Store. A mobile version of this game for Android was launched on March 27, 2016.

The response of the game was positive, with reviewers admiring its look and customization but criticize it for its low replay value and the high worth users must pay to eliminate the advertisements. Game ¦ Gameplay

The objective of the slitherio game is to keep in control and worm to some players around a colored area, eat pellets to increase mass, conquer and consume other players to grow up the longest in the game.

If the player’s snake’s head collides into an element of another snake, the player loses the game and have to start over. The whitewashed avatar’s body converts into bright, spotless pellets for other players to use.

These pellets that continue from “death” of an avatar will match to the color of the avatar itself, and are together brighter and bigger than ordinary pellets.

The pellets also spawn from new snake avatars. By pressing the space-bar or clicking on the mouse or trackpad, the player can turn on “boost mode”, which is the reason of the avatar to speed up.

When a player Consume “boost mode”, the snake loses a little mass, causing the snake’s size to shrink vaguely, with the mass that is consumed from the boost appearing as a row of dots where the boost was used.

This feature is helpful to outsmart and defeat opponents. Another tactic that players use to defeat opponents is coiling around them in a loop in anticipation of the challenger, intent in the loop, crash into the player.

There is a border that controls avatars within the circular slitherio game board. If a snake touches the border, the player automatically dies without rotating into the aforementioned pellets.

A good tactic to defeat and consume enemies is by coiling and thus trapping them within the player’s snake, most important, to the inevitable “death” of the opponents. According to the app explanation in the App Store, the player with the largest snake at the end of the day gets to send a “victory message” to the world.

Slither io Skins ¦ Slitherio Skins

 slitherio game

There are 12th default skins, each one a unique solid color, which are randomly selected when the player joins to the server.

Players can decide to customize their snake’s appearances by using custom skins with exclusive designs including different countries’ flags, well as skins along with motifs and colors represent well-known YouTubers, such as Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie and Jelly.

In order to unchain custom skins in browser mode, players must share the slitherio game on Facebook or Twitter using the external links creates on the website.

By June 2016, the capability to add skins was also added to the iOS and Android versions. Mobile versions also permit players to play offline on the PC using an artificial intelligence mode.

Slitherio Games Protocol

The slitherio game uses WebSockets to correspond with the server, a low-latency protocol programmed in the HTML5 standard and supported by all most important browsers. Game Development

According to slither io game maker Steven Howse, the concept for the game came after he had financial problems. As an effect of these financial issues, he had to shift from Minneapolis to Michigan, where he realized the attractiveness of

He had fostered a venerable will to build an online multiplayer game, but the only option for the Creation at the time was in Adobe Flash, and he gave up the idea for a while, not liking to use this method.

The slitherio game was developed when he realized that WebSockets were enough and stables enough to execute an HTML game, comparable to that used in other games, such as itself. The most complicated part of the development was in building each server stable enough to handle 600 players at a time.

Howse struggled to get space on servers with sufficient space in regions where there was more need and tried to avoid cloud services like Amazon Web Services, owing to the high rate that these services would acquire based on the quantity of bandwidth used.

After 6 months of development, was released for iOS and browsers on March 25, 2016, with servers supporting up to Five Hundreds players.After Two days from the iOS/browser versions’ release, an Android version was prepared available by Lowtech Studios.

The only mode Howse could make revenue was to display marketing in the app after the player’s snake died; this alternative could be removed for US$3.99.

He chose not to sell virtual money or power-ups so that those who rewarded would not have a benefit over players who didn’t. As there was no money to promote

As there was no money to promote for the game, the only method to advertise was the various let’s plays by players on YouTube, including PewDiePie, who had more than Forty Seven million followers at the time.

In the weeks following the release, Howse worked on updates to become stable the slitherio game and offer a better experience for players.

Additionally, he plans to put in new features, such as a user-friendly mode; one more mode that allows people to set up teams; and a method for the player to select the server he or she desires to play on.

Howse said that two most important gaming companies had approached him to purchase He measured the idea, since he felt that it was stressful to sustain the game.

Slither io Game Reception reached the peak of the App Store sales graph in the free software category in some regions, together with the United States and the United Kingdom.

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku thought that the game’s low barriers to entry and likeness to explained’s attractiveness. She realized the game’s fast pace.

She realized the game’s fast pace. Boing Boing compared the game’s core mechanic to that of the 2009 game Osmos. Brandt Ran, lettering for Business Insider, said that “despite running into some technological hiccups—the game can lag greatly at times—I hesitation will be leaving my home screen anytime nearly immediately.” Harry Slater, writing for Pocket Gamer, described the game as “interesting”; the game-play as a “compulsive experience”; and the structure as plain and comparable to, even though it did not have a huge replay value. TechCrunch’s Felicia Williams praised the designs, receiving “pleasantly surprised” with the assortment of skins for customization. Lian Amaris of Gamezebo establishes the

Harry Slater, writing for Pocket Gamer, described the game as “interesting”; the game-play as a “compulsive experience”; and the structure as plain and comparable to, even though it did not have a huge replay value.

TechCrunch’s Felicia Williams praised the designs, receiving “pleasantly surprised” with the assortment of skins for customization.

Lian Amaris of Gamezebo establishes the slitherio game to be “far more attractive than” because its complicated “an ever-growing languid body pretty than just a flat circle,” and praised “the dark environment with neon worms,” That provide to game a “retro arcade feel.” Amaris also compared the idea of to that of

Amaris also compared the idea of to that of Agario and declared that Slitherio was evocative of the classic arcade game Snake.

slitherio games1

Soon after the release of the mobile versions, the game was on the first page in the ranking of games on the App Store. Despite

Despite Slitherio’s reputation, it established mixed reviews. Scottie Rowland of Android Guys praised the gameplay and graphics, though criticized the ads that pop up on the display after the ending of the game, calling them “extremely annoying” and finding the payment to eliminate them “a bit pricey.”

Slitherio Game Popularity

By July 2016, the browser version of the website was ranked by Alexa as the 250th most visited site worldwide but then experienced a turn down in popularity, dropping under 1,000 by October 2016 before leaving over mostly constant at approximately 1,700 by January 2017. By that similar period, the

By that similar period, the slitherio game had already been downloaded over 68 million times in mobile apps and played more than Sixty-seven million times in browsers, generating a daily profit of US$100, 000 for Howse.

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