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The Racing game is the type of Amazing Racing Video Games, either in the first person or the third person view, in which the player participates in a competition with any type of land, water, air or space vehicles.

You can look at what either real league’s racial setting are quite fantastic. In common, they can be detached along a spectrum somewhere between hardcore simulations and simpler arcade Racing Video game. Racing games can also fall under the category of sports games.

History Of Racing Video games Online – Racing Gamesbest racing games

In 1973, Atari Space Race is a video game of Arcade on the subject of space where players controlled ships that oppose enemy ships while avoiding comets and meteors. It was a game with two players that was controlled with a gamepad double meaning and was presented in black and white graphics.

In the same year, Taito released a similar video game, Astro Race, which uses a joystick to four lanes at the beginning of the race.

The following year, Taito released Speed race, an early motorsport game designed by Tomohiro approach (of Fame of Space Invaders).

The main novelty of the game was the installation of the graph, specifically, vertical loading of scrolling, with the width of the course being wider or narrower than the player’s car moves along the road, while players race against other rival cars, more than the score rises.

He also introduced a racing wheel controller interface at the beginning with an accelerator lever speed, speedometer, and speedometer.

It could be played solo or alternating two players, where each player tries to beat the score of the other.

The game was renamed as Wheels by Midway Games to publish in the United States and had a lot of influence on the Racing games later.

In the same year, Atari offers us another car launch under the arcades, car games Gran Trak 10, taking a look at the individual screen above the runway in graphic white on black at low resolution, on which the player race against the clock to collect a track points; Although difficult, it was not competition racing

Racing Games in 1976


In 1976, Taito released crash race, a competitive car two-player racing game where each player must try to bring as many computer-controlled cars as possible to score points, and the player who wins the most points.

Race on Road to Sega, published in February 1976, presents a scene of the street three-dimensional, third person of the race, the poster a street shaped in constant evolution scroll forward with two cars of obstacles moving on the road that the player avoid crashing during the race against the clock.

In the same year, Sega offers us motocross, a motorcycle in black and white early Racing game, based on the motocross competition, which also uses a perspective in three dimensions, the third person at the beginning. Also known as Man T.T. (published August 1976).

Sega renamed in Fonz Game, as a way of connecting to the popular TV series Happy Days.

The game shows a way to scroll forward in constant evolution and the player’s bike in a third person’s perspective, where the objects closer to the player are bigger than the closer to the horizon and the purpose was to steer the vehicle on the road, race against the clock, while avoiding bicycles or driving off the road.

The game also introduces the use of haptic feedback that will vibrate the bike in a collision with another vehicle. In October 1976.

Atari Night Driver presented a view first person, showing a number of posts from the side of the road, although he did not have the road or drive to the player and the graphics were still low resolution white on black background as the Gran Trek 10, game play was a race not in favor of the clock.

Micronetics has been in 1977, Night Rider, a first-person game car racing similar to the driver of the night, so that Sega has released twin courses T.T., a start competitive motorcycle concurrent two-player racing.

Champion of the Road, edited by Taito in 1978, was a flight timed-view car Racing Video game in which players try to face the enemy cars and cross the line first to become the winner.

In 1979, chief on Sega is a racing game that plays like a maze chase match and is considered as the forerunner of 1980 Pac-Man Monaco GP, Sega hit PC-MAN.

GP of Monaco, Sega, released in 1979, improved the previous Racing games aerial view with a graphical view and color vertical scrolling.

Another notable video game of the 70s was the one action game of the race published by Kasco (Kansai Seiki Taiwan Co.), the 16 mm film to the motion of the project video on the screen, even though its gameplay had little interaction, which the player to display their wheel, pedal accelerators and brakes with movements on the screen as the sequences in the video games later the episode.

Racing Video games in 1980 – Racing Games

Play Free Racing Games

In 1980.0-view of Namco Air Driving game Rally-X was the first music game background feature and authorized in several directions, vertically and horizontally scrolling, and it was possible to remove the screen quickly back and forth. He was also the first examples of a radar to show the location of the car rally on the map.

Alpine Ski, Taito, published in 1981, was the first game of winter sports, a vertical scrolling racing match that involved a skier through an alpine ski course, slalom race track and a maneuver ski jumping competition.

Turbo, Sega, released in 1981, was the first racing game for the function of a third person perspective, the format of the view back. It was also the first racing game to use Sprite to scale with color graphics.

Bump ‘ Don’t jump, Data East, released in 1982, was a game of driving vertical scrolling where the player car jumps or bumps cars enemy for points, while the bonuses were attributed to the planes without hitting cars.

The most influential Racing Video Game released in 1982: Pole position, developed by Namco and published by Atari in North America.


It was the first game to be on a real circuit and the first in a qualifying round where the player must take a time shows before they can participate in races of Grand Prix racing. Although not the first third person racing game (it was preceded by Sega Turbo), pole position established the conventions of the genre and its success inspired several imitators.

According to the electronic games, for “The 1st time in the salons of fun, a first-class racing game gives a reward for passing cars and finishing among the leaders, rather than just keeping all four wheels on the road”.

According to IGN, it’s “the first racing game based on a real world (Fuji Speedway in Japan) racing” and “checkpoints introduced” and that its victory, as “the major arcade in North America in 1983, cement the species in the coming decades and inspired a horde of other racing games.”

Pole Position II was featured in 1983 and improvements, such as giving the player a choice of different courses, but also more colorful, landscape with posters presented.

TX-1, developed by Tatsumi in 1983, was allowed to Namco, which in turn allowed Atari in America, so the game is considered the successor of Pole Position II. TX-1, however, put more emphasis on realism, with details such as forcing players to brake or rear gears for the corners to lose the risk of controlling and releasing the accelerators when they go into a skid To gain control of the direction.

It was also the first game to force feedback technology that vibrates the steering wheel, car, and the game made a unique arcade of three screens for a three-dimensional perspective of the track.

He also introduced non-linear gameplay by allowing players to choose which way to cross each checkpoint, leading to one of the eight possible final destinations.

Change of orbits, Taito, published in 1983, is a runner of the third person where the car of the player fuel that reduces during driving, so the driver must pick up fuel cells for a supply at each checkpoint during the crash in cars or obstacles could slow down the car and further reduce its fuel.

If the fuel goes out, the game would end. This year, the Kaneko produced an early roller skating race played in a third-person perspective, so that the published Irem motorcycle USA, a motorcycle racer partially third person initially, where the player moves through the United States and supplies to several cities along the way to avoid accidents that can cause a significant loss of fuel causes the game to end When the fuel is exhausted.

An early attempt at creating a home driving simulator was Tomy’s Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard, also released in 1983.

It was the first home video game-like device (actually not video, but electromagnetically with simple projector consisting of the light bulb and rotating drum) to feature a racing wheel controller.

In 1984, several early racing episode video games appeared, including Sega’s GP world and Taito’s laser Grand Prixwhich featured live action footage, Universal’s Top Gear with 3d animated race car driving, and Taito’s Cosmos Circuit, with animated futuristic racing.

Taito also released kick start, a completely third-person motorcycle racing game, and buggy Challenge, an early dirt track racing match with a buggy.

Other early dirt racing games of this year were dirt bike games: Nintendo’s Excite bike and the motocross game jumping cross, both played by a side-scrolling view.

Also called Gladiator 1984, an early horse racing game, and Mad Crasher, an early futuristic racing match where the player drives a futuristic motorcycle along diagonally scrolling futuristic streets suspended in mid-air, while jumping over gaps, shooting other cars, and getting bonuses and power-ups.

Another Racing Video Game that was shooting this year was Nichibutsu’s Seicross, where the player rides a motorcycle-like craft, repels other drivers, collects energy modules and shoots blue coins.

Other notable arcade releases this year are Konami Road fighter, a vertical scrolling racer, where the goal is to quickly drive, go to cars and avoid accidents for maximum points while checking points before escaping from fuel; And Irem’s The Battle Road, an early open vehicle combat racing game that featured industries and up to 32 possible routes.

Another unique takeover of the genre this year was Plasma line, a first-person space racing game that was the first to play with 3d polygon graphics.

The goal of the game is to avoid the race through space in a first person view, while they render obstacles (rendered in 3d polygons) along the way.

It also showed a Automap radar to track the player’s position.

Racing games generally tend to drift towards the arcade side of reality, especially due to hardware limitations, especially in the 80s and 90s. However, it is not true to say that there are no games as simulations in your time.

In 1984, Geoff Car, who later developed the Grand series (commonly known as GPX to his fan base), produced what was the first attempt at a racing simulator on a home system, revolutions released for the BBC microcomputer.

The game offered an unofficial (and therefore no official team or driver name in conjunction with the series) recovery of the British Formula 3.

The hardware abilities imperfect the depth of the recreation and limited it (initially) to a track, but it offered a semi-realistic driving behavior with more detail than most other Racing Video Games at the time.

In 1985, Sega released Hang-on, a rider of the motorcycle-mirror style popular Grand Prize, like the first game video full-body experience and was considered the first Simulator of motorcycle for its realism at the time, in the treatment of the players of the bike and artificial intelligence of motorcyclists controlled by the computer. He uses force feedback technology and was also one of the first arcades to use graphics of 16 bits and technology “Super Scaler” of Sega which allowed pseudo-3d sprite scaling at high speed.

The same year, Jaleco published the city connection, a runner of the platform, in which police officers chasing players around different cities in the United States, Britain, France, Japan, and the India.

In 1986, Durell out Turbo spirit, which had an official license of Lotus and works vehicles featured. Sega also produced in 1986, run, one of the most graphically impressive games of its time. He used two processors 68000 Motorola for the 2d engine based on a sprite, and it became an instant classic that spawned several sequels.

He was remarkable for the player to hear the nonlinear choice, which routes to play through the game and the choice of the soundtrack, while driving, represented as radio stations.

The game also featured up to five several ends depending on the shot of the track, and each was a sequence of the end and not a simple “Congratulations” as usual in the part is complete at the time. That same year, Le Mans from Konami WEC was a race who has tried 24 hours of le Mans competition simulate with precision, with fairly realistic handling, a cycle day-night and the use of back strength to simulate the vibrations from the road in the form of a steering wheel vibrating which response to acceleration of the driver and the off-road bumps.

In 1987, Namco produced the final round, then no official Position II.last lap pole was the first arcade game to allow several computers tobe linked together, allowing multiplayer races with up to eight players in total.

It was also probably the first racing game to implement the”rubber bands” to ensure that the less talented players are never too far behind the leader, a concept that was much more away from the series Mario Kart.

Also published in 1987, Square Rad Racer, one of the first 3d games. That same year, Atari produced Road Blasters, a driving game that also shoots a little.

In 1988, Taito Chase H.Q., a unique Racing Video Game where the player leads a police car this prosecution within a time out Gameplay of ChaseHQ, which was quoted with the sinking of the car of the enemy while avoiding traffic, was a forerunner to the gameplay of securities later as pilot and burnout.

CBS Sony releases Paris – Dakar Rally special, a creative platform game with racing game and elements of action-adventure with Dakar rally cars, could shoot balls, the driver will be able to leave the car and explore, to lower a bridge or around other obstacles, under water, sections of driving and sometimes avoiding a fleet of tanks and fighter planes.

The same year, Namco offers us an early 3d racing game in the arcades and run won.

In 1989, Atari hard released another arcade game that uses 3d polygonal graphics.

He also presented the return of strength, where the wheel beats the player during aggressive cornering and a game crash camera view.

The same year, the now obsolete Papyrus Design Group has produced his first attempt at a racing simulator, the critically acclaimed Indianapolis 500 miles.

The simulation, developed by David Kaemmer and Omar Khudari. The game is generally regarded as the first true automobile simulation on a personal computer.

The exact replication of the 1989 Indianapolis 500 grid it offered 3d graphics advanced for its time, installation options, auto crashes and manipulation.

Unlike most of the other races, games at the time, the 500 miles of Indianapolis attempted to simulate the realistic physics and telemetry,as the representation of the relationship between the four contact patches and the sidewalk, as well as the loss of grip at a curve at high speed, forces the player to adopt a path of correct race and believable interactions gas-brake.

It also has a garage service to allow players to modify their vehicle, including adjustments for tires, shock absorbents and the wings.

Modelling damage, while not exactly by today’s standards, was capable of producing some spectacular and entertaining pileups.

Racing Video games Online in 1990s

 Racing GAMES

Auto Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1992 became the new champion of the Racing SIM, until the publication of the Papyrus racing races the following year.

Grand Prix Formula 1 has detailed for a game at a time, but also a full recovery of the drivers, cars and circuits of 1991, the formula 1 World Championship has been unprecedented.

However, the American version (known as World Circuit) was not granted an official license by the FIA, for the teams and drivers have been renamed (for all to return to their real name with the driver/team select menu): Ayrton Senna was “Sellier”, for example.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sega Virtua Racing produced in 1992. Although not the first racing game arcade game with 3d graphics(it was before the victory, hard drive and waterfalls, has been able to produce the best features of the games at the time, as well as the machine-linking multiplayer and graphics own 3d, a game that is beyond its time arcade market standard) laid the groundwork for subsequent 3d racing games.

Even Nintendo broke new ground by introducing the series Mario Kart for the SNA with Super Mario Kart. With the familiar characters from the franchise Mario, the game not only made the realism paradigm by making small karts for the players to drive but also featured bright and colorful environments and allowed players to pick up power-ups to improve the performance or hinder other racers.

This franchise has also produced several sequels.

In 1993, Namco struck back with Ridge racer and thus began the polygonal was driving games. Sega retaliates this year with the DaytonaUSA, one of the first video games to feature filtered, texture mapped polygons, which in fact more detailed graphics yet seen in a video game up to this point. The following year.

Electronic Arts have produced the need for Speed, which will later lead the most successful racing game series and one of the top 10 most successful video game global world series. That same year, Midway Crusin’ USA.

Sega Rally Championship presented rally in 1995 and featured collaborative game play alongside the usual competitive multiplayer.

Sega Rally was also the first feature film, driving on various surfaces (including asphalt, gravel, and mud) with different friction properties and amend accordingly the handling of the car, making it a milestone in the genre.

Play Free Racing Games Online

In 1996, Konami introduced GTI Club, which allowed free roaming environment, something of a revolution that had been made in 3d before the hard drive.

Atari was not enthusiasm 3d until 1997 when he presented to San Francisco Rush.

In 1997, Gran Turismo was created for the PlayStation, after being in production for five years since 1992.

His name was realistic in his time, combined the reading race simulation game, allowing players to play at all levels of jurisdiction.

It offers a plethora of careful setting options and introduced an open career mode, in which players had to acquire some driving tests to get the license, earn their way in racing and to choose their own professional path.

The Gran Turismo series has since been the second best franchise of the game of all time, selling more than 61,410,000 units in the racing world.

In 1997, the typical PC was able to use an arcade machine in terms of graphical quality, in particular by introducing accelerators first generation such as 3dfx Voodoo 3d.

The fastest CPU were able to simulate more and more realistic physics, self-control and graphics.

Colin Mc Rae Rally was introduced in 1998 in the world of PC and was a semi-successful simulation of the world of rally driving, so far only in the less serious Sega Rally Championship. Motörhead, a PC game,was then adapted to the arcade.

Racing games free

The same year, Sega released Daytona USA 2 (battle on the edition of edge and power), which is one of the first Racing games to offer images and realistic crashes

1999 marked a change in the games in addition to worlds ‘free form’.

Midtown Madness PC allows the player to explore a simplified version of the city of Chicago with a variety of vehicles and all the ways they desire.

In the world of the arcade, Sega introduced Crazy Taxi, a racing game where you are a taxi driver that needed to get the client to the destination at any time of the pile of sand.

A similar game also from Sega’s ambulance call emergency, with almost the same game play (pick up patient, drop off at the hospital, as soon as possible).

Games are becoming visually more realistic. A few arcade games is now available with 3 screens.

Best Racing games Online 2000s

In 2000, Angel Studios (now Rock star San Diego) introduced the first free roaming, or the old ‘free form’, a racing game on video game consoles and portable game consoles with Midnight Club:

Street Racing, which was released on the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance.

The game allows the player to travel anywhere in the virtual recreation of London and New York. Instead of using runways closed for racing, the game uses different control points on the map of free travel as the way of the race and gives the player the option to take various shortcuts or other directions to the checkpoints of the race.

In 2003, Rockstar San Diego Midnight Club II was the 1st racing game to make two cars motorbikes playable and playable.

There is a wide scale of runners in action-arcade racing games simple like Mario Kart: Double Dash! (for Nintendo GameCube) and the riders of Nick Toon to the ultra realistic simulators like Grand price Legends, racing, Virtual Grand price 3, Live for speed, NetKar Pro, GT legends, GTR2, factor, x Motorsport and an ipad 3d racer – Exhilarate and all the rest.

Arcade-style Racing Games

Arcade-style Racing Games

Arcade Style racing games are fun and fast experience as much as the cars usually compete in a unique way.

One of the main features of arcade racers, especially differentiated runners of the simulation, is their much more liberal physics.

While in real race (and later versions, the equivalents of simulation) the driver must reduce its speed significantly, most laps to take, arcade-style racing games usually encourages the player to “turn on strength with ‘ the car, then the player can keep their speed of drifting through a twist.

Collisions with other drivers, obstacles on the track or the vehicles are generally much more exaggerated than the racers of simulation as well.

In most regions, arcade racers remove simply the accuracy and attention to detail of the simulation experience and focal point strictly on the element of competition itself.

Often of real cars and leagues of license, they are also open to vehicles and exotic scenery. The races are held on the highways, winding roads or towns.

You can use several circuits round or point to point, with one or more paths (sometimes with checkpoints), or other types of competition, like a demolition derby, jumping, or aptitude tests to conduct.

Arcade-style Racing Games

Popular arcade racers include the Virtual Racing Series, the Ridge Racer series, the series of Daytona USA, Sega Rally, the Rush, the Cruising series series ‘ N series, the midnight Club series, the Burnout, Out Run and Motor Storm series.

In the mid late 2000s, there was a trend of the new street racing; Imitate the import scene, we can regulate the sport compact cars and sports cars and race them on the streets.

The most famous are the Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition and The Midnight Club Series, some entries in need for Speed series, initial D and the Juiced series.

Racing Games free online

Some arcade racing games increase the competition between drivers using weapons that can be used against opponents to slow them down or otherwise to prevent their progress so that they can be passed.

It is a staple in kart Racing Video Games such as the Mario Kart series, but this kind of game mechanic is also in the standard focused on Automotive racing games as well.

Weapons vary from attacks projectiles to traps and no combat elements such as speed boosts. Weapons-basedracing games include games like fully automatic, Rumble Racing andblur.

Racing simulators ¦ Racing Games

Racing simulators

Simulation Style racing games strive to reproduce a convincing car handling.

They often get a license real cars or racing leagues, but sometimes use fantasy cars built to real, if not able to acquire an official license for them. The physics of the behavior of the vehicle is a key factor for the experience.

The rigor of being a professional racing driver is usually included (for example on a level condition and tire car fuel). Correct the technical angle and the precision of the maneuvers of-race (like the brakes trail) have priority, in the simulation, racing games.

Although these racing simulators are built especially for people with a high degree of competence, it is not uncommon to find AIDS that can be activated in the menu of the game.

Kart Racing games

Kart Racing games

Kart racing games are known to be the mechanical conduct by adding obstacles, track unusual designs and various action items.

Kart racers are also known to make characters from various games platform or the TV series of cartoons known as “wacky” vehicle drivers Kart racing games is another arcade – like experience than other Racing Video games and usually offers the modes in which players can shoot each other characters or collect power-ups.

Usually, in these games, vehicles move more equal go-carts, missing something on the lines of the clutch pedal and gear stick.

Crash course (1976) was the first game with the auto fight. But Super Mario Kart (1992) is cited to have started this kind of kart racing, like the first racing game for put implementation of the combat elements in races.

The game was also slower than other games of the time due to hardware limitations, which encourages the developer to use a GoKart theme for the game.

Since then, were Released more than 50 kart racing games that have Nicktoons characters in South Park.

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