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An Interesting TypeRacer Game ¦ Play TypeRacer Game Online

TypeRacer Game is an interesting and multiplayer online browser-based typing game. It was developed and launched in March 2008 and claims to be the 1st ever multiplayer typing game on the web.

History of TypeRacer Game

TypeRacer game was developed by programmer Alex Epshteyn, working on his own, with the OpenSocial API and the Google Web Toolkit.Epshteyn was inspired by teaching himself to touch type with a shareware Windows curriculum that lacked a multiplayer type.

He introduces himself as not a hardcore gamer, and had never played other multiplayer typing games like as The Typing of the Dead.

TypeRacer Game Online

He has, though, since been contacted by a former Mavis Beacon teaches Typing engineer, who spoken sanction of TypeRacer Game.

Epshteyn holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (com) from UMass Amherst and was an intern at Google in 2005.

TypeRacer Game was programmed among PC Magazine’s Top hundred Undiscovered Web Sites of 2008.

Overview of TypeRacer Game

As per Typeracer Site users compete by racing tiny cars that advance as the users type small passages that are 20 to 100 words lengthy.

Exactness is required; any typing mistakes in words have to be fixed before ongoing with the race.

Play TypeRacer Game Online

The typing passages created from popular songs, films and books, like as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Clockwork Orange, and Stephen Colbert’s I Am America And So Can You!, and can be helped by users.

Some users that improve typing speeds over 200 wpm have been supposed of being robots, or or else cheating, which TypeRacer has taken frequented measures to restrict.

The defense is requiring users that get over hundred wpm in a race to solve a CAPTCHA.

If they pass, then they have to achieve a score that is 25% higher than the attained Cjaus speed to make active the CAPTCHA test once again.

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