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Motorcycle Racing games

Motorcycle Games or Motorcycle Racing Game (also called motorcycle racing and bike racing) is the sport of motorcycle racing engines.

Major genres include road races and off-road races, both on tracks and in open courses and races. Other categories are climbing the hill, endurance races and Categories

Motorcycle Games Street races

Road racing is the sport of motorcycle racing on rough surfaces resembling roads are paved with asphalt in general. Races can take place either on dedicated circuits or on closed public roads.

Motorcycle Games Traditional route race


Historically “Road Racing” means a course in the public thoroughfare closed. That was once a commonplace, but at present only a few such circuits usually survived in Europe. The races take place on the public thoroughfare which were temporarily closed by local legislation to the public.

Two championships there, the first is the International Speed ​​Championship [clarification required], the other is the classification of Duke Road Racing. The latter makes the majority of the road races that take place each season, with a prize for the best rated rider.

Prominent road races include the Isle of Man TT, 200 Northwest and the Ulster Grand Prix on long trips. Ireland has many race tracks still in use. Other countries with road races are the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Britain (Monte de Oliver), Czech Republic, Ukraine, New Zealand and Macao.

Motorcycle Game Grand Prix

Grand Prix of motorcycling refers to the premier class of motorcycling. It is divided into three different classes:

  • Moto3: In 2012 motorcycles introduced in this class are 250cc four-stroke individual cylinders now there have been 125cc two-stroke motorcycles. This class is also limited by the age of the pilot, with an upper limit of 25 for the newly signed pilot and wildcard entries and an absolute upper limit of 28 for all drivers.
  • Moto2 Introduced by Dorna Sports, holder of the commercial rights of the competition, in 2010 as a four stroke 600cc class. Prior to this season, the middle class was 250cc two-stroke engines. Moto2 race in the 2010 season allowed both types of engines; As of 2011, only four-stroke Moto2 machines were allowed.
  • MotoGP: is the current term of the highest class of GP races. The class has been questioned in the last years with prototypes of machines with different capacity and type of motor. Originally four-stroke machines with large displacement in the early years, it finally resulted in 500 cc of two strokes. In 2002 motorcycles 990 cc four-stroke in addition to the 500 cc two strokes competed and then completely replaced in 2003. 2007 saw a reduction of 800 cc four-stroke engines to calm things without success a little before finally to 1,000 Cc four times in 2012. [3]

Grand Prix bikes are prototypes of machines that are not based on any production motorcycle.

Superbike races of Motorcycle Games

Superbike racing is the category of road motorcycle racing that employs modified production motorcycles. Superbike racing motorcycles should have four stroke engines of between 800 cc and 1,200 cc for twins, and between 750 cc and 1000 cc four cylinder machines have.

Motorcycles should maintain the same profile as their current counterparts. The general appearance, front view, rear view and side view must match the bike, which is allowed on the public road for use, although the mechanical elements of the machine have been modified.

AMA Supersport Championship, British Supersport Championship and Supersport World Championship

Supersport race is another category of road motorcycle racing that employs modified production motorcycles. In order to be eligible for the Supersport race, a motorcycle must have and meet the FIM’s admission requirements a four-stroke engine of the 400- and 600-cc four-cylinder and 600-engine 750 cc for the twins.

Super sport regulations are much stricter than Superbikes. Super sport machines should remain largely as standard, while engine tuning is possible, but is tightly regulated.

Endurance sports (races)

Endurance sports is a category of motorcycle racing route that is intended to test the durability of the equipment and the resistance of the riders. The teams of several pilots try to cover a great distance in a single event. The teams are given the opportunity to change the drivers during the race.

Resistance race or it can be covered at a fixed distance in arms or cover as much distance as possible for a certain period of time as fast as possible. The reliability of the bikes for the endurance race is of paramount importance.

Sidecar World Championship

Sidecar Racing is a category of motorcycle side car racing. Older rear car driver looked like generally solo motorcycles with an attached platform; Modern race cars are low and long purpose specific. Sidecar cross resembles MX motorcycles with a high platform attached.

When transporting a driver and a passenger ride together to make the machine optimally. The way the passenger changing his weight on the side car is critical for his performance around the corners.

Sidecar Career has many subcategories that include:

  • Sidecarcross (sidecar motocross)
  • In addition to car testing
  • F1 / F2 road racing
  • Historic (classic) route race

Motocross in Motorcycle Games

Motorcycle Games free play

Motocross (or MX) is the direct equivalent of the road race, but from the road, a series of bikes, which run on a closed circuit. Motocross circuits are built on a variety of non-asphalt surfaces, such as dirt, sand, mud, grass, etc., and tend to incorporate height changes either natural or artificial.

Advances in motorcycle technology, especially suspension, have come to the supremacy of circuits with the additional “jumps” in which the bikes were carried in the air. Motocross has another notable difference to the road race in which the mass start, with the driver side next to the other.

Up to 40 drivers enter the first corner, and sometimes it is a separate prize for the first driver (see holes). The winner is the first driver to cross the finish line, usually after a certain time or laps, or a combination.

Motocross has a large number of classes based on the displacement of the engine (50cc 2-stroke youth machines up to 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke) (, age of competitors, competitors’ ability, sidecars, quads / ATV and era of the classic machine for the pre-1965/67, Gemini for bicycles with two dampers, etc.).

Super cross in Motorcycle Games

Supercross (or SX) is easy indoor motocross. Super cross is a technique and rhythm as a driver. In the typical situation in a variety of stadiums and open or closed sands, it is notable for its many jumps.

In North America, this has been a very popular spectator sport that filled large baseball, soccer and football stadiums, which meant that motocross has now been called “outdoors.”

But in Europe it is the less popular sport, since the predominant focus is there in motocross.

Super Moto in Motorcycle Games

Motorcycle games free

Supermoto is a racing category that is a cross between the road race and motocross. Motorcycles are mainly types of motocross with road racing tires.

The circuit is a mixture of road and dirt courses takes place (in varying proportions), and can either loop closed or in temporary locations (such as urban areas).

The driving style in the asphalt section is very different from other asphalt-based race forms, with another line at the corners, sliding the rear wheel at the corner and with the leg (directly at the corner facing tangible Des Knee bent the asphalt of the highway).

Enduro and Cross Country

Enduro is a form of off-road motorcycling, which focuses primarily on the competitor’s endurance. In the traditional sense (“Timecard Enduro”) complete the competitors a 10-mile round, especially from the street, often by forestry.

The lap consists of several stages, each with a target time to complete this stage exactly there are penalties for beginning and end, so the goal is to be exactly “on time”.

Some stages are aware of the “narrow”, others are lax, so the opponent can recover. There is also a great variety of special tests in the variety of terrain to further support the classification, these are the speeds of which you want the best time. A normal event takes 3 to 4 hours, although longer events are not uncommon.

Some events, especially World Championship events and nationals will take place over several days and require maintenance within a time window limited in time or during the race. To avoid circumvention of maintenance restrictions, overnight bicycles in a secure storage are maintained.

There is a World Enduro Championship (WEC) events throughout Europe with several trips to North America. Is the most important event in the Enduro calendar, the Six-Day Enduro International (formerly Six-Day Gloabal Trial), where driver selections (eg Enduro “World Cup”) as well as club teams are entering – The event combines amateur sport with professional level sport, which takes place in a much more geographically dispersed place.

In addition to the traditional enduro time card, which took place over a long round, a variety of other sports were added; Above all, “Short Course Enduro”, a shorter form (in length arms) of the Enduro Hare Scrambles and Hare and Hounds.

Top Hase

Hare Armor is the name given to a particular form of off-road motorcycle game racing. Traditionally rabbit noise can vary in length and time, with the candidate completing several laps around a course marked by rugged natural forest or other terrain.

The winner is the candidate who maintains the highest speed during the event. In Florida Hare armor begins with a staggered start order. Once in the field, it is the object of the competitors to complete the circuit as fast as possible. The race consists of forest areas and / or open fields.


Cross-country rally events (including Rally Raid Rally or simply meeting alternative word) are much larger than enduro. Usually, with larger bikes than other off-road sports, these events take place over many days, traveling hundreds of miles over largely open country ground.

The best-known example is the Dakar, formerly part of Western Europe (often Paris) traveled to Dakar, Senegal, in the Sahara desert, which takes almost two weeks. Since 2009, the Dakar will be held in South America traveling through Peru, Argentina and Chile.

An FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Cup, there are also a lot of events from around the world, usually in the desert nations. These events often run alongside the rallies “AUTO” (by the FIA).


The track is a form of motorcycle game race where teams or opponents individuals race around an oval track. There are several variants, each variant running on a different surface types.

Race cover consist of a polished concrete floor with coke syrup or other media, which are sprayed on the concrete for traction for motorcycle tires or blurred, or dirt, which is left moistened and compacted or loose Often called called pillow).

Like the size of the Sand Sands or sometimes smaller, the driver must have precise control of the acceleration at these narrow indoor racing track to negotiate.

The United States flat track events will be held in outdoor ground ovals, whose length ranges from a half-mile mile, short tracks and TTS. All are usually held outdoors, although some short distance events in covered stadiums have taken place.

A short track event is one with a trail of less than half a mile in length, while a TT event can be any length but has at least one turn to the right and to qualify at least one jump.

In the A.M.A. Grand National Championship, mile, short track and half a mile of TT races are part of a particular discipline, titled “Road of Earth” or sometimes (also called flat track) “flat track”. But the AMA penalty rule books refer to this discipline as Dirt Track races.

Whether miles, short half-mile or TT, is traction, it defines a dirt track race. Bicycles can not use “knobbys”, they have to use “Class C tires”, which are similar to street tires. In the mile, half a mile, run the short distance, the track is an oval, all turns to the left only, and only a rear brake is allowed.

In the TT-rates, there should be minimum one right rotation, where jump is optional, the front and rear brakes are allowed, but the same Class C tires are required.

Although it is not mandatory, most runners of flat track wear a steel “shoe” in the left boot, which is actually an equipped steel sole that slides in the left boot.

This steel shoe falls the easiest and safest slider on your left foot when you need it most, when you lean the bike to the left, while sliding through the corners, though the pilots often what is known as “Feet-up Day” with throttle control cable, lean body and steering only to be able to slide through the laps without slipping on your steel shoe.

Hard-pic tracks are generally referred to as “groove” tracks, loosely packed tracks are called “mattress” media. The composition of the runway surface is usually determined by the race promoter and runway preparation group, the latter using previous methods and materials, including combinations of decomposed clay, granite, sand, calcium (to maintain surface finish To retain water moisture) and other materials.

Optimal track “slot” will have enough moisture to be “sticky”, but is not smooth, and will develop a so-called “Groove blue” as the motorcycle game put a thin layer of tires Of rubber on the track.

A “cushion” track is made up of materials similar to those in the groove track, but mixed in a way that allows the surface to hold a more gritty, loose composition. While sliding power is common in both slot and lane pillows, a cushion track allows for more sliding power, in, through and out of the turns.

Although they are “Class C tire”, they are allowed by the standards for both pincushion and same grooved rails, the driver can modify the tire by reducing the rubber of the tire grooves to improve traction, but are not allowed , Materials add the tire.

Motorcycle speed

Speedway race takes place on a flat oval track usually made of dirt or less compact shale, with bikes having a single gear and without brakes.

Competitors use this surface on the sides to scrub in the curves with the speed of the rear wheel to push their machines (power sliding or table spikes), while still having the opportunity to provide the bike forward and around the curve.

Track of grass

Racing games online

Outdoor lawn track is the road. The route is longer (400 m +, so it is often referred to as the long-lasting world class track), often on the lawn and even altitude changes (although other areas are present) have. The machinery is very similar to a road bike (without brakes, but usually two gears, rear suspension, etc.).

Ice skating

Ice race includes a motorcycle game class, which is the equivalent of the road on the ice. Bicycles left around the oval track 260-425 meters in length. Nails or screws of metal rims are often allowed to improve traction. The structure of the race and the score are similar to Speedway.

Table traces

Race track Board was a kind of race track popular in the United States between the second and third decades of the 20th century, where they held the competition in oval tracks with surfaces made of wooden planks. By the early 1930s, the racing track in disgrace had fallen, and in any obsolescence.

Race car (Japanese sports car)

Race car is a Japanese version of the racetrack held on an asphalt oval track and seen as a sport of gambling.

Motorcycle racing

Races and / or drag races is a competition site, in which two participants to deal with a signal strip that has a marked exit line. After the start signal, the riders accelerate a long paved runway straight quarter mile, where the elapsed time and terminal velocity are recorded.

The driver at the finish line is the winner. These may be temporary places (eg, hillsides or units of cottages) occurring in specific places (eg, like Santa Pod). In addition to “normal” motorcycles racing compete for top-fuel motorcycles racing with nitrous oxide in this category.

United Kingdom Sprint

Motorcycle Games online free

The British National Sprint Association was founded in 1958th The president was Donald Campbell until his death in 1967, former employees and Vicente Speed ​​record George Brown, who retired from the sport in 1966 to reach the 55-year limit for the ACU Followed a competition license.

Browns machines include the Vincent V-twin with normally aspirated Nero engine and the turbo version of Super Nero one.

Rushing to unused tracks and new proposals, and some waterfront rides, usually with a timed set of devices for the quarter mile away, although some use 1/8 of a mile,

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