Amazing Bubble Shooter Games Puzzle Bubble and Bubble Trouble

Amazing Games Known As Bubble Shooter Puzzle Bubble Or Bubble Trouble etc.


Bubble Shooter Game is one of the most popular and Exciting flash games, which are worldwide famous, is famous as Bubble Shooter. As the name indicates that this game is based on Bubbles.

It was released in early 90’s and after that it’s become a world famous game. It is a Bubble shooter game where the player shoots two balls with a virtual arrow key. A clone of Taito Corporation’s 1995 arcade Game Puzzle Bobble 2 Launched in 2002.

It was ported to iOS in 2010. It was ported to Android in 2012.This Game comes in many versions and different style,but playing time for this game is almost same.

However, there is a special playing edition of this game.

There are many types of bubble games such as Blooms, Bubble shooter, Puzzle Bubble, Bubble Trouble, Jungle Shooter, Speedy Bubble and many more.

Here is given some detail about each version or types. There are several Popular and exciting types of bubble shooter games some of them are given below.

1.Bubble Shooter 1995

This is An amazing Game Bubble Shooter plays very like to Bubble Shooter HD Free.


There are 4 different difficulty levels in bubble shooter

  • Easy Ride
  • Novice
  • Expert
  • Master

There are Two Scoring Modes in this game like Classic and Sniper.

Classic mode: The is with slow-paced and no time or sets limits.

Sniper mode : The Target in the Sniper Mode is to clear the play field using minimum shots.

There are many others versions are also have been released like Bubble shooter 2. Or Bubble shooter 3.

  1. Puzzle Bubble 1994

Puzzle Bobble was firstly released in Japan only in June 1994 by Taito Corporation, its running on Taito’s B System hardware with the beginning title know as “Bubble Buster”.


Two different versions were released. After 6 months in December the international version of the Puzzle Bobble was released. It was amazing and along with some different sound effects and translated text.

At the beginning of each round, the rectangular playing ground contains a prearranged pattern of colored bubbles. On the floor of the screen, the player controls a machine which called a pointer, which aims and fires bubbles up the screen.

The color of bubbles target is randomly generated and being chosen from the colors of bubbles still left on the screen.

The purpose of the game is to clear all the bubbles from the ground without any bubble crossing the bottom line. Bubbles will fire robotically if the player remains inactive. After clearance the ground, the next round begins with a new model of bubbles to clear. This game consists of total 32 levels.

  1. Bubble Trouble (1996 video game)

Bubble Trouble is an Amazing computer game for Macintosh computers. As you know that this is very simple and enjoyable Game. People play in this Game for mind refreshment. It’s so simple up till now very enjoyable game. It is a re-validation of a classic video game concept; in this case its concept is taken from Pen go.

In this game Bubbles appear all over the playing ground and can be used to beat the balls by launching them in their track and crush them. However, the bubbles are just as tedious to the player if they are launching in his direction.

Only assured tougher enemies can start on bubbles. Certain bubbles have useful items, pushing them mutually can rack up points.Some bubbles also have dynamite, which will explode either by igniting or by being pushed towards a object.

There are four kinds of enemies are in this game.

  • Combatthe Pirahna
  • Remington Eel
  • Normal the Shark
  • Haarrfish

Most games relating shooting of bubbles can be easily downloaded and played on Mac & Windows. Linux systems also support for these Games. There are many iPhone mobiles have the facility to download. Bubble shooting Games are also available in PDA style.

There are many others versions has been released like Bubble Trouble 1, Bubble Trouble 2 and Bubble Trouble 3 similarly Puzzle bubble has different versions like Puzzle bubble 1 Puzzle bubble 2 and Bubble shooter having Bubble shooter 1 Bubble shooter 2 and Bubble shooter 3.

The aim of the game is to clear the playing field by forming Couples of three or more same colored bubbles. The game ends when the balls come to end till the bottom line on the Game dashboard screen. As much as balls destroyed in one shot, more and more points you will score. After successfully finishing the ball player win the Game.

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