The Reality About Baby Hazel Games Online free for Kids and Girls

Baby Hazel Games Online free for Kids and Girls

Baby Hazel Games are a chain of edutainment point and click games from a company known as Axis Entertainment. The games are accessible on 2 official sites, and, over and above IOS and Android.

Baby Hazel Games Online

Gameplay Of Baby Hazel Games Online

By dragging objects and stuff, you have to make an effort and make baby Hazel happy through a series of levels. There are generally 4 levels, each lasting 3 minutes long. If Baby Hazel’s happiness bar goes losing, she will start weeping. The game ends if you have either crushed all 4 levels or made her cry if her happiness bar is all spent.

Why Baby Hazel Games suck

The gameplay is unsophisticated and very boring. Every game in this cycle is the same thing, pointing and clicking at equipments.

Pitiable graphics, but since it’s a toddler game, the graphics will have to do.

Baby Hazel seemS like a Demonic Devil Spawn from the genuine depths of hell.

The games overuse copyrighted fontS like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. actually, there’s even a Baby Hazel game where she goes to “Disneyland”, which is in name simply because it looks nothing like the genuine Disneyland.

Baby Hazel herself is very frustrating. Even her brother, Baby Matt is annoying too.

Baby Hazel has a very, very annoying weep which never stops until you calm her down.

One of the games truly has a 12+ rating on the App Store due to graphic content – in a KIDS game. (Which is a joke, because there is poor graphic about it?)

Copied music. Baby Hazel Fun Time steals music from The Sims 3. The music in the later games is also very basic and loops after a while.

English. Yes, most of the English in this game is terrible.

Baby Hazel occasionally speaks – in a robotic voice. You can tell these games are low budget, and sometimes she speaks with an old girls tone.

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