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Amnesia The Dark Descent PS4 DownloadAmnesia The Dark Descent is a survival horror video game from Frictional Games, released for platforms, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4.

The game features a protagonist named Daniel exploring a dark and presage castle, avoiding monsters and other Obstructions, as well as solve puzzles.

The game was well received, winning two Independent Games Festival awards and numerous positive reviews.

Originally released independently through online distribution, the game has been published in the retail trade by 1C Company in Russia and Eastern European, as well as THQ in Northern America.

A collection of five short stories set in the world of Amnesia The Dark Descent, written by Michael Heidelberg and illustrated by the conceptual artists of the game, was also made available.

In addition, the game’s soundtrack is available for purchase and a free, content expansion Justine has been released, as well as many expansions and stories made by the fan for its unique “Custom Story” Gameplay.

The Amnesia The Dark Descent Collection – containing The Dark Descent, Amnesia: Justine and the sequel, A Machine for Pigs – was released for PlayStation 4 on 22nd of November 2016.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Ps4 Gameplay

In a similar vein to previous Frictional Games developer games, Amnesia The Dark Descent is an adventure game played from a first person perspective.

The game retains the physical interaction of the object used in the Penumbra series, allowing puzzles and interactions based on physics such as opening doors and setting machinery.

The objects within the game are run with the toggle; To open a door, for example, the player must hold down a mouse button and then push (or pull) the mouse.

Amnesia The Dark Descent is one of most popular game being played in all over the world

This provides the player stealth, allowing them to peer into a barely open door or open it slowly to sneak, but also increases the sense of helplessness of the player, as it is now completely possible to try to open a “pull” door as the danger approaches from behind.

In addition to a health indicator, Daniel’s sanity must be managed. Being in the dark too long, witnessing disturbing events or looking at the monsters will reduce Daniel’s sanity, reasoning, visual and audio hallucinations and catching the attention of monsters.

Light sources help restore sanity, and if none is available, Daniel can use tinderboxes to light candles on wall sconces and candelabra, or display an oil burn torch near the start of the game.

However, the number of tinderboxes and the amount of available oil are together limited, and position in a light source also makes the player more visible for monsters.

The player must balance the amount of time Daniel spends in light and shadow. Sanity is wholly restored once Daniel completes a target or advances the game’s story.

It can also be restored by staying in the shadows until Daniel faints, but this leaves him extremely vulnerable to any nearby monster.

If a monster detects Daniel, he will pursue him until he is out of sight. If you see, Daniel must flee, since Amnesia The Dark Descent does not give the player access to weapons.

Daniel must find hideouts or barricade doors by rocks, chairs and further obstacles; however, monsters are able to knock down doors on their way and kick obstacles off the road, and they move very fast once they have detected their prey.

Players can also choose to hide Daniel in the shadows, at the expense of sanity. The monsters who lose sight of Daniel will seek him for a while, but eventually they will leave and disappear.

They can also choose, preferably while being chased, to pick up an object and cast it at the monster, temporarily stunning the monster for about two seconds and giving Daniel an extra distance.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Ps4 Development

Work began on the game while Penumbra: Requiem was still evolving, with the company working on both projects at the same time. The game was first known under two job titles: Unknown and Lux ‚Äč‚ÄčTenebras.

It was not until November 13, 2009 that it was announced as its current title, Amnesia The Dark Descent, with the launch of the game’s website and a game trailer.

The initial designs of the game varied considerably since the last game, with developers interested in reintroducing more combat elements similar to those used in their first commercial title Penumbra: Overture.

Developers soon discovered that they encountered many of the same problems and difficulties that plagued combat in that game though, and the design was changed to be more similar to the style established by the Overture sequel to Penumbra: Black Plague.

On February 5, 2010 it was announced that the game had reached the alpha stage of development on all platforms. Two weeks later, developers released a new trailer that showed real game material and developers began to accept pre-orders for the game through their website.

It was also revealed that the game was at that time being tested on the three platforms provided. It was also announced that the game would be released simultaneously for all of them in August 2010.

This was later rescheduled, and the game was expected to have a version of September 8, 2010. It was subsequently announced on August 27, 2010 that Game had officially gone Gold and would soon be ready to be sold.

On September 3, the game demo was released containing selected parts of the Gameplay and story. It was successfully launched on September 8, 2010.

If the game reached 2000 orders by May 31, 2010, Frictional promised that it would release extra content for the game. The target was finally met in early May, after the pre-orders were offered with a discount available until May 31.

This was done due to the success of Penumbra: Overture as part of the first Humble Indie Bundle.

The extra content was revealed as commentary and explained in the comments section of the same page that their intended function was similar to that of Valve Corporation’s comment system that began in the series Half-Life 2.

The authors cite “Soul Made Flesh “By Carl Zimmer and older horror films like The Haunting as inspiration for the mood and style of the game.

Thomas Grip, a leading game developer, would then write an autopsy of the game titled “The Terrifying Tale of Amnesia The Dark Descent” for The Escapist, where he detailed the game development process, focusing primarily on his always changing design and financial problems which plagued developers for most of the game’s development.

A version for PlayStation 4 – Amnesia The Dark Descent Collection – was released on November 22, 2016 via PlayStation Network; This title includes The Dark Descent, its expansion Amnesia: Justine, and the sequel Amnesia The Dark Descent: A Machine for Pigs.

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